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TitleAudio SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
ArgonDD 5.13.64Vob720x576 (16:9)0:07
AuroraDD 5.1 EX25.84Vob720x480 (16:9)0:33
Best SoundDD 5.145.64Vob720x480 (4:3)0:52
CanyonDD 5.122.05Vob720x480 (16:9)0:36
Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel CheckDD 5.119.99Vob720x576 (16:9)1:08
CityDD 5.124.28Vob720x480 (16:9)0:34
City ReduxDD 5.118.42Vob720x576 (16:9)0:23
DolbeeDD 2.026.17Vob720x480 (16:9)0:34
EgyptDD 5.1 EX21.52Vob720x480 (16:9)0:34
EnlightenDD 5.13.1Vob720x480 (16:9)0:07
FireDD 5.13.32Vob720x480 (4:3)0:07
GameDD 5.19.6Vob720x480 (4:3)0:18
HeadphoneDD 2.013.69Vob720x480 (16:9)0:19
OptimizerDD 5.11.96Vob720x480 (16:9)0:09
OrchestraDD 5.164.50Vob720x576 (16:9)1:19
RainDD 5.119.95Vob720x480 (16:9)0:36
StompDD 5.120.33Vob720x576 (16:9)0:38
Surround SoundDD 5.17.22Vob720x576 (16:9)0:10
SymbolonDD 5.14.26Vob720x576 (16:9)0:09
TempleDD 5.121.51Vob720x480 (16:9)0:34
Train LongDD 5.134.55Vob720x480 (4:3)0:47
Train ShortDD 5.119.99Vob720x480 (16:9)0:34
Virtual SpeakerDD 5.116.10Vob720x480 (4:3)0:24
WaterfallDD 5.110.14Vob720x480 (16:9)0:23
WizzardDD 5.14.36Vob720x480 (4:3)0:07
AmazeTrue HD 7.1, Atmos64.90m2ts, mkv1080/24p1:03
ConductorTrue HD 7.1, Atmos28.70m2ts, mkv1080/24p0:32
LeafTrue HD 7.1, Atmos68.70m2ts, mkv1080/24p1:00
UnfoldTrue HD 7.1, Atmos60.10m2ts, mkv1080/24p0:27
Bit HarvestDD 5.1, True HD 7.112.19 / 39.11mkv, m2ts1080/23.98p0:10
Catalyst-DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.14.28 / 10.74mkv, m2ts1080/23.98p0:12
City Redux-DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.128.70 / 85.6mkv, m2ts1080/29.97p0:23
Countdown v1DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.122 / 68.70mkv, m2ts1080/29.97p0:20
Countdown v2DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.124.1 / 60.10mkv, m2ts1080/23.98p0:21
DD Plus 7.1DD 5.1, DD Plus 7.112.19 / 39.11mkv, m2ts1080/29.97p0:11
Dolby Digital Plus Channel CheckDD Plus 7.1120m2ts1080/29.97i1:34
Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Channel CheckTrueHD 7.1164m2ts1080/29.97i1:34
Spheres V1DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.134.50 / 70.60mkv, m2ts1080/23.98p0:31
Spheres V2DD 5.1, TrueHD 7.128.40 / 93.30mkv, m2ts1080/23.98p0:25
SportsDD 5.1, TrueHD 5.1318 / 378mkv1080/24p2:32
AudiosphereTrue HD 7.1, Atmos78.40 / 128mkv, m2ts1080/24p1:01
HorizonTrue HD 7.1, Atmos226 / 327mkv, m2ts1080/24p1:52
ShatteredTrue HD 7.1, Atmos83 / 133mkv, m2ts1080/24p0:49
SilentTrue HD 7.1, Atmos180 / 345mkv, m2ts1080/24p2:39
TOTAL:   44 Trailers------:--


What do you know about Dolby Surround?

The sound format known as Dolby Surround appeared at the beginning of the eighties, created by the Dolby Labs society, until then the sound used was stereo, this format only used two channels to play sound, a channel goes to the left ear and the other to the right, by that time it was a revolution and remained unaltered until the Dolby Surround format was released, in this sound format a third channel is incorporated, this additional channel is what creates the surrounding effect that gives a bigger sensation of auditory reality to the user.

Dolby Surround Ray Milton

Available Dolby Surround systems

Currently, there are many Dolby Surround systems available in the market and when we are going to acquire a home cinema device we have a large amount of available options from where we can chose, if we aren’t much lettered in the matter choosing the best option for us can be a very difficult task due the number of options available.

Now let’s give you some technical information of the different options available, though were aren’t going to deepen much in the matter, but you will able to tell the differences between some Dolby Surround systems and others, but what we advise you is to use section in which you can download and test different intros and trailers of Dolby Surround systems before you make a choice of which one suits better your home and is more convenient for you, you will able to perform this task from the web itself in a very comfortable way and you will be able to notice the differences between some systems from others for you to pick the best option that suits your needs.

One of the most renowned and distributed systems in the market is the Dolby Surround Pro Logic, which is the natural evolution of the Dolby Surround system, this format apart from the 3 channels of the original standard, adds a fourth channel in which the voices of the actors is transmitted, achieving this way an even more real sensation in the auditory experience, this supposes an innovation in the sound system that has the following arrangement, a central speaker through which the actors’ voices are transmitted that must be placed right in front of the spectator’s seat, along to this one, there are the side speakers in the front and other two in the back that give that surrounding impression to the user.

Answering the users’ needs and with the intention of pleasing the most demanding, the sound system for earphones with Dolby Surround quality, this way you can enjoy of this sound quality anywhere, and from this the Dolby Headphone was born known by its acronym DH, with this system we can enjoy of the highest quality surround system through headset or earphones, it doesn’t matter if this earphones are big, the effect achieved with button type earphones is really good too, the system plays the sound reproducing the sensation of being listening to five different channels, creating this way the sensation of being listening to the audio of a theater or a home cinema right in the earphone, wired or wireless.

A bit later the Dolby digital Plus appeared in the year 2004 and is also known by its acronym DD+ or AC3, this system surges in the market by the need of creating a high quality sound environment compatible with the new digital television, that started to stand out by that time, and it is characterized by a high sound compression rate, offering a very good audio quality, and one of the biggest disadvantages of this format, is that this same compression can’t be used in older audio systems.

Dolby Atmos Intro
In 2014 the latest release in the Dolby technology makes appearance, we are facing the newest creation in sound experience, the new Dolby system is called Dolby Atmos, this technology brings a radical turnout in the Dolby systems and introduces a new concept never conceived before, the traditional channels that were an standard in all the Dolby systems are left in the past the audio objects are introduced. What do we call an audio object? Well, basically anything we can hear in a movie scene, for example, a voice, a gunshot, an explosion, etc.

The audio system distributes this audio objects during the scene through the different zones in the environment in which it is installed to create a completely real effect and increase the auditory sensation of the user inside the scene and induce the reality sensation. This way, as it is logical, the system will work better while it has more speakers installed, but with only eight speakers the quality will be high enough and along with the audio objects distribution that I mentioned before it achieves really impressive reality effects.

All this audio systems are available from the Dolby Atmos so you can freely test each one of them so you can chose the one that suits you better, we recommend you to give them a try so you can perceive the differences in the sound systems make the right choice that fits your needs.


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