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List of all intros

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TitleAudio System   Size (MB)      ExtensionResolutionTime
Digital LifeDD 5.119.90Vob720x480 (16:9)1:02
Experience Media Player 10DD 5.119.50Vob720x480 (16:9)0:59
FactoryDD 5.110.20Vob720x480 (16:9)0:39
PachinkoDD 5.18.78Vob720x480 (16:9)0:21
PinballDD 5.111.50Vob720x480 (16:9)0:21
RaceCarsDD 5.116.20Vob720x480 (16:9)0:31
RoboticaDD 5.17.11Vob720x480 (16:9)0:20
SnowboardDD 5.110.30Vob720x480 (16:9)0:22
StrikerDD 5.118.50Vob720x480 (16:9)0:47
Surround TestDD 5.11.79Vob720x480 (16:9)0:08
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