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This may seem obvious, but remember that a film, once finished, must be seen. That's where the distributor comes in. You probably know some of them, their names appear at the beginning of the films. We can mention 20th Century Fox, Europacorp, Dreamworks, Wild Bunch or SND – there are hundreds of them! You can identify who made the film thanks to the distributors demo trailers at the beginning of the movie.

When do they participates?

That depends. To be able to distribute a film, the distributor will acquire the rights of the rightful owner, usually the producer. These will be valid for a given territory for a predefined period of time. As a general rule, the producer will look for a distributor before shooting the film to make sure he doesn't have to work and spend a lot of money for nothing.

To participate, the distributor will do some sort of pre-purchase. He will pay the producer a guaranteed minimum (MG). Thus, the distributor also becomes a co-producer because it participates in the financing of the project. Sometimes distributors produce 100% of their films.

Distributors Demo Trailers HD

The more ambitious and potentially lucrative a film is in terms of revenue, the sooner the distributor will have to do so. By this it means that some rights are bought on an expected film or the promise of a promising cast, from a known director, even before the film is written.

Then the distributor will not make any other decision until he has seen the film.

How much does it cost?

The law of supply and demand applies, and prices vary greatly. A film that doesn't have a great demand will sell for a few hundred thousand euros. On the other hand, for blockbusters, prices skyrocket and can reach several tens of millions of euros!


Once you have seen the film and own the rights, the distributor will evaluate its commercial potential. It is at this point that it will be decided how many copies will be distributed. For each copy, it is necessary to pay a tax imposed by film operators to finance their digital equipment. That's why we get prints worth about €700 each! That's why a feature film that doesn't have much potential (in the commercial sense) will be distributed in fewer copies. This leaves us with badly distributed films (50-80 copies) and others that have a much wider distribution (more than 500 copies).

It is also the distributor who decides, or not, whether to dub a film, translate the title or create subtitles.

The release date, the crux of the matter.

The success of a film in theatres is closely linked to its release date. The film will necessarily compete with others, the aim is to make this competition as direct as possible. If you release a science fiction film against Star Wars, you risk bankruptcy. In fact, you find yourself sharing your target audience with people much bigger than you. It's not very smart… As not everyone plans their release dates at the same time, it happens that some of them are readjusted according to competitive positions.

The promotion

Another essential step is marketing, which will serve to bring the film closer to its audience: the viewer must know which film he will be facing. This is where promotion comes in. The distributor will be in charge of poster campaigns, trailers, press relations… even the title of the film!

Keep in mind that during the launch of the video, the promotional strategy is not always the same. Either because the objective changes, or to adjust the marketing strategy so that it is more effective than when it is released in cinemas.

In this section you will find the trailers of the most important distributors they use in cinemas in SD and HD format.


Distributors Demo Trailers SD

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
20th century fox HEDD 5.119.4Vob720×576 (16:9)0:27
Buena vista HEDD 2.05.46Vob720×576 (16:9)0:10
CapitolDD 5.17.75Vob720×576 (16:9)0:15
CinerentaDD 5.15.14Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Columbia tristar HEDD 5.18.99Vob720×576 (16:9)0:14
Concorde HEDD 2.07.82Vob720×576 (16:9)0:10
Constantin filmDD 5.112.4Vob720×576 (16:9)0:13
Davis filmsDD 5.14.47Vob720×576 (16:9)0:10
Digital factoryDD 5.15.21Vob720×576 (16:9)0:13
Dreamworks animationDD 2.013.4Vob720×576 (16:9)0:07
Dreamworks HEDD 2.013.5Vob720×576 (16:9)0:24
Dutch filmworksDD 2.06.87Vob720×576 (16:9)0:08
Ems new media agDD 5.13.04Vob720×576 (16:9)0:10
Entertainment MCDD 5.16.48Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Epsilon motion picturesDD 5.19.45Vob720×576 (16:9)0:13
EuropaDD 5.19.08Vob720×576 (16:9)0:15
Focus featuresDD 5.13.29Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
GaumontDD 5.111.1Vob720×576 (16:9)0:20
KinoweltDD 5.17.9Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Lightstorm entertainmentDD 5.16.01Vob720×576 (16:9)0:19
Lionsgate filmsDD 5.15.51Vob720×576 (16:9)0:13
LionsgateDD 5.117.8Vob720×576 (16:9)0:19
Marketing filmDD 5.110.5Vob720×576 (16:9)0:19
Mcone media cooperation oneDD 2.011.5Vob720×576 (16:9)0:19
Media 8 entertainmentDD 5.19.32Vob720×576 (16:9)0:15
Mgm DVDDD 5.12.19Vob720×576 (16:9)0:08
RegencyDD 5.12.73Vob720×576 (16:9)0:16
Rogue picturesDD 5.19.08Vob720×576 (16:9)0:10
Saturn filmsDD 5.16.7Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Scott freeDD 5.17.8Vob720×576 (16:9)0:16
Sony pictures HEDD 5.19.25Vob720×576 (16:9)0:14
Spyglass entertainmentDD 5.17.3Vob720×576 (16:9)0:16
Square oneDD 5.13.6Vob720×576 (16:9)0:16
Studio canalDD 5.17.07Vob720×576 (16:9)0:15
TobisDD 5.110.6Vob720×576 (16:9)0:22
Touchstone HEDD 5.13.13Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Turbine medienDD 5.19.59Vob720×576 (16:9)0:14
Ufa HEDD 2.07.49Vob720×576 (16:9)0:13
UniversalDD 5.117.7Vob720×576 (16:9)0:23
Universum filmDD 2.011.4Vob720×576 (16:9)0:24
VclDD 2.010.4Vob720×576 (16:9)0:15
Village roadshow entertainmentDD 5.19.75Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Vip media groupDD 5.12.07Vob720×576 (16:9)0:07
Virtual studiosDD 5.17.52Vob720×576 (16:9)0:14
Walt disney DVDDD 5.111.2Vob720×576 (16:9)0:18
Walt disney enhancedDD 5.16.15Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12
Walt disney picturesDD 5.126.3Vob720×576 (16:9)0:32
Warner home videoDD 5.16.38Vob720×576 (16:9)0:12

Distributors Demo Trailers HD

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
20th century fox HEDD 5.118.1mkv1080p0:23
Fox 75 YearsDD 5.123.5mkv1080p0:24
1942 PicturesDD 5.118.3mkv1080p0:15
Anonymous ContentDD 5.16.30mkv1080p0:15
Arclight FilmsDD 5.17.58mkv1080p0:13
Ascot Elite EGDD 5.133.3mkv1080p0:22
Atlas EntertainmentDD 5.115.8mkv1080p0:18
Black Bear PicturesDD 5.145.8mkv1080p0:19
Blue Sky StudiosDD 5.112.8mkv1080p0:17
Capelight PicturesDD 5.14.06mkv1080p0:09
Castle RockDD 5.120.7mkv1080p0:18
Circle Three EntertainmentDD 5.11.14mkv1080p0:10
CJ EntertainmentDD 5.149mkv1080p0:21
Columbia PicturesDD 5.113.9mkv1080p0:25
Concorde HomeDD 5.16.27mkv1080p0:10
Crime Scene PicturesDD 5.110.04mkv1080p0:13
DC ComicsDD 5.123.2mkv1080p0:17
Deluxe Digital StudiosDD 5.111.2mkv1080p0:14
Deluxe Studios 2016DD 5.13.83mkv1080p0:10
Digital FactoryDD 5.13.71mkv1080p0:17
Dimension FilmsDD 5.12.18mkv1080p0:11
DNA FilmsDD 5.18.22mkv1080p0:10
EuropacorpDD 5.127mkv1080p0:18
Exclusive MediaDD 5.119mkv1080p0:11
Filmnation EntertainmentDD 5.136.5mkv1080p0:21
Fox SearchlightDD 5.12.18mkv1080p0:27
Goldrush EntertainmentDD 5.18.22mkv1080p0:12
Grindstone EntertainmentDD 5.127mkv1080p0:11
Happy MadisonDD 5.119mkv1080p0:11
HBO Home EntertainmentDD 5.136.5mkv1080p0:13
Highland Film GroupDD 5.18.75mkv1080p0:13
Icon ProductionsDD 5.114.4mkv1080p0:16
Jerry BruckheimerDD 5.117.2mkv1080p0:13
Legendary Pictures 2014DD 5.130.2mkv1080p0:18
Lighthouse Home EntertainmentDD 5.10.72mkv1080p0:12
LionsgateDD 5.125.6mkv1080p0:22
Lionsgate 2013DD 5.121.9mkv1080p0:22
Luka ProductionsDD 5.17.36mkv1080p0:10
Marvel StudiosDD 5.128.3mkv1080p0:14
Marvel Studios 2013DD 5.157.2mkv1080p0:30
Marvel Studios 2016DD 5.180.7mkv1080p0:40
Metro Goldwyn Mayer 2009DD 5.14.10mkv1080p0:10
Metro Goldwyn Mayer 2012DD 5.118.7mkv1080p0:15
MFA Plus FilmdistributionDD 5.16.62mkv1080p0:12
Miramax FilmsDD 5.16.49mkv1080p0:15
Morena FilmsDD 5.11.69mkv1080p0:10
New KSM CinemaDD 5.117.6mkv1080p0:19
New Line HE HDDD 5.137.3mkv1080p0:25
Paramount Pictures 100 YearsDD 5.121.8mkv1080p0:22
Paramount Pictures HDDD 5.124.2mkv1080p0:13
Paramount VantageDD 5.11.69mkv1080p0:13
QED InternationalDD 5.117.6mkv1080p0:14
Revelion TerrestreDD 5.137.3mkv1080p0:10
Regency EnterprisesDD 5.121.8mkv1080p0:18
Relativity MediaDD 5.124.2mkv1080p0:19
Reliance EntertainmentDD 5.14.10mkv1080p0:09
Roadside AttractionsDD 5.123.2mkv1080p0:15
Screen AustraliaDD 5.125.8mkv1080p0:11
Sony Columbia PicturesDD 5.125.4mkv1080p0:38
Squareone EntertainmentDD 5.125.2mkv1080p0:15
Studio Canal 2014DD 5.141.8mkv1080p0:23
Summit EntertainmentDD 5.15.73mkv1080p0:18
Tristar PicturesDD 5.118.2mkv1080p0:21
TSG EntertainmentDD 5.13.48mkv1080p0:08
TSG Entertainment 2014DD 5.16.15mkv1080p0:10
Universal Music GroupDD 5.111.3mkv1080p0:12
Universal PicturesDD 5.124.2mkv1080p0:23
Universal Pictures AnniversaryDD 5.144.6mkv1080p0:25
Universum FilmDD 5.110.8mkv1080p0:23
Universum Film 2015DD 5.138.5mkv1080p0:22
Virgin ProducedDD 5.10.8mkv1080p0:07
Voltage PicturesDD 5.116.5mkv1080p0:19
Walt Disney PicturesDD 5.163.3mkv1080p0:34
Warner Bros Home 2017DD 5.112.2mkv1080p0:14
Warner Bros PicturesDD 5.123mkv1080p0:13
Wild BunchDD 5.14.23mkv1080p0:09

Distributors Demo Trailers 3D

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
Global Sizzle 2012DD 5.1196m2ts1080/23.98p2:25
Global SizzleDD 5.1154m2ts1080/23.98p1:58
20th Century FoxDD 5.131.1m2ts1080/23.98p0:23
Concorde 2013DD 5.110.4m2ts1080/23.98p0:08
Walt Disney PicturesDD 5.144.6m2ts1080/23.98p0:32