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What is IMAX?

IMAX is a film corporation that makes to distribute 15/70 mm films making their films larger than the standard movie at the regular theatre. IMAX films are projected on a larger screen, mostly in IMAX theatres, that spans the entire wall of the theatre. This size is different from what is obtained in regular theaters where the screen takes just a fraction of the wall. Another unique IMAX theatre is the IMAX Dome theatre where viewers sit in the middle of the theatre and picture is projected all around. IMAX can project this large size of an image through its super bright Xenon Bulb of 15,000 watts.

The marvel IMAX theatre brings is made possible through the ingenuity of designs of the theatre screens. The screen is a large screen of between 80-100 feet wide (It could be made larger) with a steep seating deck positioned close to the screen. Sitting in the middle of an IMAX theatre gives you the feel of you being part of the scene shown unlike watching images far on a screen as experienced in a regular theatre.

Movies director produce IMAX movies for IMAX viewing. The view of IMAX movies is maximized in a room by having the screen span the entire wall of the room. IMAX theatres are now built into multiplexes, a replacement of film projectors. The full wall screen brings the audience closer to the screen than what is seen in other theatres. The size of the IMAX screen is not what counts but the effect of it, appearing more full therefore giving the viewer a super experience is what makes IMAX standout.

History of IMAX
What started as a competition to produce the first large-screen film experience at EXPO ’67 in Montreal brought together a group of experimental filmmakers. They achieved the feat by syncing nine projectors sequentially, and this was the beginning of what later became IMAX. IMAX came to be on a quest for a better way to get their first feat done. Considering the enormous task to be done to achieve this, the group started the company IMAX technology and worked on producing its camera, projector and domed screen system over the period of three years. Their products were premiered at the Fuji Pavilion at EXPO ’70 which was held in Osaka, Japan.

IMAX Demo Trailers HD

Over the years, IMAX has expanded beyond, investing in new technologies such as IMAX Dome and IMAX 3D and major documentaries such as a Grand Canyon exploration. The company also built some theatres after it went public in 1994, but the company soon ran into a problem due to its inability to produce enough IMAX movies for its theatres since other Hollywood movies are not IMAX compliant. In this section, you can download all the .

IMAX solved this problem once again by creating a new technology that allows turning a Hollywood movie into an IMAX movie, and the technology is Digital Re-mastering. The first film the technology was used on was Apollo 13 which was a huge success and his fostered a good working relationship between Hollywood and IMAX with blockbuster IMAX trailers.
Technical Characteristics of IMAX Cinemas
IMAX success rides on the back of innovative technologies that keep setting the pace in entertainment. IMAX provides an immersive audio and video experience that is second to none. Its theatres are into two forms; Classic Design and Multiplex Design. Classic designs are structures that are purpose-built for IMAX while the other is retrofitted venues. The classic designs are far different from what makes conventional theatres, allowing the audience to feel closer to the scene shown. All rows in IMAX theatres are within one screen height.

The rows of IMAX theatres have seats positioned at a steep angle of up to 30o allowing the audience to face the screen directly. The standard size of IMAX screen is 72ft x 53 ft, but it can be more prominent in some other places. The largest of IMAX fixed projection screen in the world is located in the Panasonic IMAX Theatre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia. It is measured at 117 ft x 97 ft and opened in 1996 with a capacity of 540 people. The size, sound, and visual IMAX give is incredible.

List of all IMAX HD trailers


List of all IMAX Demo Trailers HD

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
CliffhangerDD 5.1 and DTS-HD MA 5.1118 and 137mkv1080/24p0:40
Countdown Furious 7DD 5.1126mkv1080/23.97p0:49
Countdown GodzillaDD 5.174.8mkv1080/24p0:50
Countdown 2012DD 5.1 and DTS-HD MA 5.181.7 and 101mkv1080/23.97p0:50
Intro 1993DD 5.15.72mkv1080/23.97p0:18
Pre Show 2014DD 5.1 and DTS-HD MA 5.1101 and 120mkv1080/24p0:45
Pre Show 2015DD 5.193.9mkv1080/24p1:11

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TitleSound SystemTamaño (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
4K IMAX Pre Show 2014DD 5.1 / DTS-HD MA 5.1185/204mkv3840×21600:45
4K IMAX Pre Show 2015Dolby Digital 5.1124mkv3840×21601:11

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
Imax Intro Imax Is BelievingDolby Digital 5.167.80m2ts1080/23.98p0:50