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In an era full of information, the means of displaying it only get better – and more advanced. 3D video is certainly one of the forms of content that has revolutionized over the past few years, bringing us a thing we saw in the sci-fi movies to the comfort of our own homes. So yes – 3D video units are now a standard in many homes, offices and playgrounds.

They are also a standard in cinemas and the entertainment industry as well as consumer electronics. Simply put, people are crazy for 3D video, enough to put on their 3D glasses and enjoy their favorite 3D movies.

But what actually is 3D video in a nutshell – and what does it refer to?

3D Video: What's It All About
Also known as a three-dimensional stereoscopic film, 3D video is a form of motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception. As such, it mimics a third dimension that comes from stereoscopic photography.

3D Video Demo Trailers

For example, 3D movies are form of 3D video that we see by using 3D glasses. In this phase, our brain fuses the two images together and allows us to see in three dimensions, which is known as stereoscopic vision. Without the 3D glasses or the 3D video content, the entire scheme of 3D movies does not make sense – mostly because they are captured using two lenses placed side by side (just like our own eyes).

Basically, there are two main types of 3D video:
  • Anaglyph 3D video – referring to a type of stereo 3D image and a technology that uses filters of all colors, typically red and cyan. Here, the 3D effect is achieved when viewed with a pair of red-cyan lenses, where the red filter enables the left eye to view the red part of the image and the blue filter triggers the right eye to see the blue or green part of the image.
  • Side-by-side 3D video – also known as SBS 3D, this format is intended for both right and left eyes with two halves on the right and left. The main principle upon which it works is the entire 1080p image is being scaled down horizontally to fit the left and right sight of the frame respectively.

Now that you know the main 3D video types, it's time to learn how you can watch this format on your PC or smart television unit.

3D Video Demo Trailers

How Can You Watch 3D Video On Your TV Or Computer?
Thanks to technology, there are many ways to watch 3D movies and 3D video on your computer or TV unit. The first of all the steps is to download a SBS 3D movie and check if it works on your TV or computer, usually through VLC media player (for computers) or automatically for TV device brands.

You should also configure the feature in the Tools section of your computer or the Settings of your TV unit – mainly to allow the effects and filters being displayed in three-dimensional view.

Now, you are probably wondering where can you find 3D video content to test your computer or TV device. Well, you are at the right place.

Start Testing 3D Video Samples On Your TV Or Computer – Watch 3D Movies With Your 3D Glasses
This section is where you can find the best 3D video samples and test your 3D TV, seeing if it works in displaying them. We have tons of samples to choose from, and each of them is ready for download in the blink of the eye.


3D Video Distributors

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Title Sound System Size (MB) Extension Resolution Time
Global Sizzle 2012Dolby Digital 5.1196m2ts1080/23.98p2:25
Global SizzleDolby Digital 5.1154m2ts1080/23.98p1:58
20th Century FoxDolby Digital 5.131.1m2ts1080/23.98p0:23
Concorde 2013Dolby Digital 5.110.4m2ts1080/23.98p0:08
Walt Disney PicturesDolby Digital 5.144.6m2ts1080/23.98p0:32

3D Video Sound System

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Title Sound System Size (MB) Extension Resolution Time
DTS Living World of AudioDolby Digital 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.160.5 / 112Vob, m2ts1080/23.98p0:49
THX Broadway 2010Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 7.138.3 / 55.1Vob, m2ts1080/23.98p0:30

3D Video Brands

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Title Sound System Size (MB) Extension Resolution Time
HDclub ShowreelDolby Digital 2.0458m2ts1080/23.98p5:52
HDclub Laomei Green ReefDolby Digital 2.0542m2ts1080/23.98p6:58
HDclub Wuling Farm In SpringDolby Digital 2.0556m2ts1080/23.98p7:16
JVC A Time In MarcheDolby Digital 5.1579m2ts1080/23.98p7:37
JVC Hello Beautiful DayDolby Digital 5.195.50m2ts1080/23.98p1:17
JVC NYCDolby Digital 5.1159m2ts1080/23.98p1:53
JVC Pure Blue OkinawaDolby Digital 5.185.30m2ts1080/23.98p1:10
JVC The Smiles Of ThailandDolby Digital 5.1108m2ts1080/23.98p1:25
LG 2012 Rio CarnivalDolby Digital 5.1353m2ts1080/23.98p4:37
LG Beyond RealityDolby Digital 5.1327m2ts1080/23.98p4:07
LG Cinema 3D World 2Dolby Digital 5.1220m2ts1080/23.98p3:01
LG Cinema 3D World 1Dolby Digital 5.1224m2ts1080/23.98p3:00
LG CricketDolby Digital 5.1180m2ts1080/23.98p2:14
LG Grand Canyon AdventureDolby Digital 5.1110m2ts1080/23.98p1:35
LG Magic WorldDolby Digital 5.1254m2ts1080/23.98p3:24
LG SkylinerDolby Digital 5.1211m2ts1080/23.98p2:42
LG Sports Feel The MomentsDolby Digital 5.1294m2ts1080/23.98p3:52
LG Sports HighlightDolby Digital 5.1166m2ts1080/23.98p2:15
LG StratosDolby Digital 5.1258m2ts1080/23.98p3:16
LG Summer VacationDolby Digital 5.1198m2ts1080/23.98p2:46
LG Visit KoreaDolby Digital 5.1152m2ts1080/23.98p2:07
LG World Cities BarcelonaDolby Digital 5.1197m2ts1080/23.98p2:44
LG World Cities ParisDolby Digital 5.1281m2ts1080/23.98p3:48
Panasonic A Day In The CityDolby Digital 2.0306m2ts1080/23.98p3:57
Panasonic Assignment SvDolby Digital 5.1188m2ts1080/23.98p2:21
Panasonic Blue Man GroupDolby Digital 5.1209m2ts1080/23.98p2:40
Panasonic Design For PassionDolby Digital 2.0226m2ts1080/23.98p2:54
Panasonic FlowersDolby Digital 2.0155m2ts1080/23.98p2:00
Panasonic Flowing In The DarkDolby Digital 5.1172m2ts1080/23.98p2:10
Panasonic FurusatoDolby Digital 2.0248m2ts1080/23.98p3:10
Panasonic High Definition Cotton CollectionDolby Digital 5.1259m2ts1080/23.98p3:11
Panasonic Rome The Eternal CityDolby Digital 2.0193m2ts1080/23.98p2:31
Panasonic The British MuseumDolby Digital 5.1381m2ts1080/23.98p4:53
Philips Parallel Lines The FoundlingDolby Digital 5.1459m2ts1080/23.98p5:43
Samsung 24 Hours In HawaiiDolby Digital 2.0186m2ts1080/23.98p2:40
Samsung Delicious FightDolby Digital 2.0212m2ts1080/23.98p2:40
Samsung MomentsDolby Digital 2.0130m2ts1080/23.98p1:49
Samsung Taste Of KitchenDolby Digital 2.089.30m2ts1080/23.98p1:14
Samsung Time MagicianDolby Digital 2.0306m2ts1080/23.98p1:41
Samsung Touch Koreas Diverse DimensionsDolby Digital 2.0366m2ts1080/23.98p4:49
Samsung YamakasiDolby Digital 2.0209m2ts1080/23.98p2:42
Sharp Borabora ShineDolby Digital 2.0177m2ts1080/23.98p2:15
Sharp Borabora TwilightDolby Digital 2.0160m2ts1080/23.98p2:01
Sharp Vision 1Dolby Digital 5.1139m2ts1080/23.98p1:54
Sharp Vision 2Dolby Digital 5.1169m2ts1080/23.98p2:02
Sony 3D SportsDolby Digital 5.1112m2ts1080/23.98p1:25
Sony 3D WeddingDolby Digital 5.1136m2ts1080/23.98p1:44
Imax Intro Imax Is BelievingDolby Digital 5.167.80m2ts1080/23.98p0:50