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DTS demo trailers HD Variants and Categories:

In its most common and basic version, the DTS system consists in 6 channels similar to Dolby Digital, 5 primary and one for lesser frequency (bass or low), but since its introduction divers derivate formats have appeared.

We can as well find the DTS ES (Extender Surround) which adds another channel to the DTS 6. At the same time, this channel has DTS ES MATRIX (where the additional channel interpolates with the main ones) and DTS ES DISCRETE (a seventh independent channel), both its variants.

The appearance of High Definition Video and the Blu-Ray and DVD HD format made an extension of the original DTS format necessary and possible, giving placement to the DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and the DTS-HD Master Audio. It’s about a sound format without loss that supports a higher bit-rate.

Other variants of the DTS include the DTS Headphone:X and the DTS Surround Sensation, special for stereo headphones. Also we find in the DTS demo trailers HD section, the DTS Connect, DTS Interactive and DTS Neo: PC, that have as objective the re-codification of any stereo format to emule a 7.1 surround sound.

DTS: The Ultimate Digital Sound Experience
Ever since the phonograph’s invention, the relationship between man with the recording and playing of sounds has been in constant evolution. The search for getting better and better fidelity and volume in the recorded sound has had as consequence the frequent introduction of new technologies. Nevertheless, it’s been since last century and until today (the digital era of audio recordings) that recording technology and sound playing have had the most dramatic and frequent series of changes in history.

As a proof we witnessed upswing of the CD and its fall facing digital audio files like the mp3. Today we have left behind those days where we limited ourselves to choose between “mono” and “stereo” to walk to a new spectrum of audio coders and the astounding sound setups that we find either in public establishments or in our homes.

DTS demo trailers HD

Between these codifying systems we found the DTS and its series of multichannel technologies that have been there since their first appearance in the market. It was at the beginning of the 90s that DTS Inc. started working on its new audio format. The movie director Steven Spielberg was one of the first investors on DTS, because he felt that, up to the date, the DTS demo trailers HD audio format used in cinemas were obsolete, far from being optimum for their use on productions where the quality of the sound had a fundamental importance. In fact it was his production Jurassic Park the one that debuted with the DTS format in cinemas, and at home, with the Laser Disc format (yes, those optical discs that preceded the CD that were the size of a vinyl disc).

Differences between DTS, Dolby Digital and other formats:
The fundamental difference that separates DTS from its similar is that its codification involves significantly less compression than the others. While Dolby Digital codifies with a 640 kbits/s bit-rate, DTS tracks can reach up to 1509,75 kbits/s. This results in a less audio loss. Nevertheless, these differences in the audio fidelity conservation are only perceived using the highest performance equipment; additionally one has to have a well trained ear. Other criticizes have labeled DTS of not being that efficient in its compression when the codifying comes. DTS and its defenders hold that those extra bits give a better fidelity to the sound, and a more dynamic range.

DTS mastering room
DTS Demonstrations. DTS Demos, DTS Test Videos:
To put the house equipment to the test on the diverse DTS formats that they should support, there are a few audio and video recordings that can be found as DTS demo trailers HD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray or clinking the section. These files, besides having spectacular visuals, contain audio tracks precisely codified so one can perceive fidelity at its best and the range that the testing equipments can offer.

Many of DTS demo trailers HD can be found on Youtube, but the limitations of that web page take the audio to a stereo format and leave them useless for that propose. Even if no one in this world agrees and some prefer to use more compact formats, the experience tells us that DTS, when minimizing the compression in its codification, can provide an unmatched sound fidelity, giving us the chance to take the maximum advantage of everything that every sound equipment of the highest performance have to offer, and you can test them on your own through the and the .

List of trailers:


DTS Demo Trailers SD

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
ExperienceDTS 5.176.90Vob720×480 (4:3)1:17
OrchestraDTS 5.113.20Vob720×480 (4:3)0:18
SFXDTS 5.113.10Vob720×480 (4:3)0:18
Sonic LandscapeDTS 5.114.80Vob720×480 (4:3)0:19
Sparks (Sprite Mix)DTS 5.110.40Vob720×480 (16:9)0:18
Sparks (Sprite Suite Mix)DTS 5.110.60Vob720×480 (16:9)0:18
The Digital ExperienceDTS 5.130.60Vob720×480 (16:9)0:33

DTS Demo Trailers HD

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
Animated Logo HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.124.70/85.20Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:21
Anthem HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.146.90/180Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:41
History HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.1150/620Vob, m2ts1080/24p2:17
Living World Of Audio HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.154/183Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:49
Living World Of Audio Long V2 HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.155.90/227Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:48
Living World Of Audio Short V2 HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.122.10/80.40Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:19
Master Audio Sound Check 5.1 HDDTS-HD MA 5.1783m2ts1080/23.97p3:25
Master Audio Sound Check 7.1 HDDTS-HD MA 7.164.50m2ts1080/23.97p4:18
Orchestra Long HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.121.20/95.10Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:19
Orchestra Short HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD HR 7.115.50/57.60Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:14
Paint Symphony HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.187.70/364Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p1:19
SFX Long HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.121.10/93.60Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:19
SFX Short HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD HR 7.115.40/57.40Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:14
Total Immersion HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.150.70/204Vob, m2ts1080/23.97p0:47
Listen Long HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.149.1/64.1mkv1080/23.97p0:27
Listen Short HDDD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.14.5/7.69mkv1080/23.97p0:09
Listen X Long HDDTS-HD MA 7.1, DTS:X44.5/69.3mkv1080/23.97p0:33
Listen X Short HDDTS-HD MA 7.1, DTS:X3.54/8.70mkv1080/23.97p0:09
Sound Unbound Callout 11.1DTS:X42.4mkv1080/23.97p0:42
DTS X All Around UsDTS-HD MA 7.1, DTS-HD MA 7.1112/158mkv1080/23.97p0:49
Out of the Box LongDTS-HD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.171/85mkv1080/23.97p1:00
Out of the Box MediumDTS-HD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.144/52mkv1080/23.97p0:34
Out of the Box ShortDTS-HD 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.115/19mkv1080/23.97p0:19
DTS X Object EmulatorDTS:X101mkv1080/23.97p1:35
DTS X Out of the Box LongDTS-HD 5.1, DTS:X70/111mkv1080/23.97p1:00
DTS X Out of the Box MediumDTS-HD 5.1, DTS:X45/70mkv1080/23.97p0:34
DTS X Out of the Box ShortDTS-HD 5.1, DTS:X15/27mkv1080/23.97p0:19

DTS Demo Trailers 4K

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
DTS:X FeaturesDD 5.1 / DTS:X / MA 7.1875/968m2ts, mkv3840×21601:42
DTS:X Object EmulatorDTS:X / MA 7.1615mkv3840×21601:35
DTS:X Out of the box LongDD 5.1 / DTS:X / MA 7.1481/522m2ts, mkv3840×21601:00
DTS:X Out of the box MediumDD 5.1 / DTS:X / MA 7.1280/304m2ts, mkv3840×21600:34
DTS:X Out of the box ShortDTS:X / DTS:X / MA 7.189.98/102mkv, m2ts3840×21600:43
DTS:X 7.1.4 CalloutDTS:X / DTS MA 7.1359mkv3840×21600:19

DTS Demo Trailers 3D

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TitleSound SystemSize (MB)ExtensionResolutionTime
DTS Living World of AudioDolby Digital 5.1, DTS-HD MA 7.160.5 / 112Vob, m2ts1080/23.98p0:49